Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random bits of 'huh?'...

#1: The "Miss America" event is now being advertised with the song "Keeps Getting Better" (which is the PG title of the better known, 'Some Days I'm A Supah B*tch..'). Aren't Ms. America's supposed to be sweet and innocent? Perhaps I missed my calling... ;)

#2: How can the Caps beat the best team in the league, then go on to lose to the worst team in the league??

#3: I just got digital cable. I struggled with this because I only really wanted it for NHLNET and Versus. Now that I have it, I'm not quite sure how I lived without it.

#4: And finally, pocket pairs!!! And they weren't even the deceiving pocket Q's that always gets me. Seriously, pocket A's and reigning poker queen flops a straight?? C'mon...


sfrost said...

I've been waiting for new posts on your blog.

1) I am shock that you are still watching Ms. America. I haven't tuned in to that for years.

2)Sorry your Caps lost.

3)So what's the difference with regular cable and digital? Anything to do with HD?

4) Was this against me? If so I've had the worst luck for this year. I got lucky last week and caught a few split pots with Tulip. I'm still bitter about a few weeks ago when my pocket A's were busted by Tulip's pocket J's.

Lytkpr said...

pocket As can be a curse, lot of times AK is better:)

Amanda said...

Yea, that was against you, Stacy. It was right after you bought in. And no...I do not watch Ms. America!! I happened to catch a commercial for it. :P Just wanted to be clear. :)