Monday, March 26, 2007

A bar, a club, and climbing...

Did everyone have a lovely weekend?? Mine was pretty good. Took the ol' bro-in-law out on the town Friday night. Okay, well...went across the street to a bar to see a band. Interesting crowd, I felt like I was back with Loose Change in a Dundalk bar... Good times. :-D

I spent most of Saturday spending quality time with my washer and dryer. But hey, it wasn't pretty it didn't cause me much grief. Did get out for a little girls night out at Ned's, knew it was time to go when one of the girls started literally ripping her clothes off. :-O I'm only slightly kidding...

Yesterday was gorgeous so, of course, had to go climbing... More good times. We went to a little spot in Front Royal called Talking Headwall. I actually lead a route that I didn't climb beforehand....a first for me, thank you! So much fun, and afterwards ate at a Mexican, after a day of climbing fueled by 2 granola bars and a cup of Starbucks...authentic Mexican really hits the spot.

Hard to see, but there are two ropes in this pic, the route I led is the one on the left...

Monday, March 12, 2007

FNP, SMC, and WV...

FNP... After my brief vacation in positive-land, I'm back on the negative side in the spreadsheet and as we all well know, "the Google spreadsheet does not lie"! I need to start being aggressive...B-E-aggressive (yes, that's me cheering myself on)

SMC... Check it out, here's Mya climbing...she's five. Yea, what were you doing when you were five?!? She climbs, she's cute, she flirts...Tulip, good luck!!

Anyhow, it turned out to be a gorgeous day for climbing. It was a lot of fun and now I'm really starting to get excited about climbing season. :-D But who knows, maybe they'll make a Wii game of rock climbing...then we won't have to go outside anymore! ;-P

WV... Well, band practice got cancelled so I went out to WV to practice doing some acoustic stuff. Maybe we'll get an acoustic gig or two while Swiftkick is on hiatus. Y'all ready to drive out to WV?? While we're on the music subject...I discovered Garageband, it's way cool. All you poor PC'ers are missing out!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

My latests and greatests...

My latest web addiction: Make a playlist, it's fun!!

My latest dealing with a magazine sales rep: Okay, so if you're selling ad space in a magazine, do you really care what the ad looks like? Well, if it's offensive...yes, but not in this case. Yea, the guy I dealt with had recommendations down to the friggin font!! God forbid I use a font that isn't used in every single ad in that magazine...we wouldn't anyone to notice the ad or anything... :-P

My latest food addiction: Thin can't just have half the box!

My latest activity of choice: Playing the guitar, and determined to do so until my fingers stop hurting or until I get good (haha...aren't I funny?).

My latest book: The White Spider. It's pretty good but I've already finished the part where they reached the summit of Eiger and I'm not halfway done. One thing about climbing books is that the author always feels they must spend 100+ on why they climb. "Because it is there" is answer enough for me.