Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why, Facebook, why?!....

First, no Scrabulous, now a re-design?? Facebook is killing me. Ok, the Scrabulous thing...I'm fairly shaken up about but at least they cut me off in the midst of a few games I was losing in. I'll let them off the hook for that, just so long as they bring it back before I get the shakes.

But as I'm coping with the loss of Scrabulous, they're now telling me to try the 'new' Facebook. Now everyone reading this knows that I hate change. And I really hate it when something is not broken! But I try it because I know they're gonna force it on me eventually. Of course, I don't like it. Here goes.

1. 'The Wall' and 'Mini-Feed' are now just a big honkin' combined wall. Info overload, yuck.

2. my iLike application is now on the left hand side and it's telling me that, apparently, I like songs I've never heard of. I just wanted the app for the videos...and now they're tiny. I'm doing away with it.

3. Granted, it is much more intuitive now to create a new photo album. But I don't like how I can either do it through the 'Application Tab' or 'The Publisher'. Give me one option or else I'm going to wonder what the difference is...and if I have to think, they have failed.

4. Looks like their trying to squeeze more ads in there. Boo to that. But I do give them credit for sticking to the Facebook 'style' with their ads. Maybe myspace (with their huge, flashing, distracting ads) will follow suit. Then again, does anyone even use myspace anymore?

Just my .02. Knowing me, a few of months of the new Facebook and I'll be singing it's praises.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Miami and our island hopping adventure...

As most of you already know, we are back from our vacation. Now, I don't have very many pics to share (which we'll get to in a moment), so I apologize if this post gets a bit verbose.

First off...Miami Beach. Best part, definitely the gorgeous. A bit crowded for my liking but overall it was a nice place. Being that it's perfectly okay to bathe in the nude on those beaches, probably would never bring Ty there again. But hey, that's just me. We spent the day at South Beach where Ty devoured the 'best waffle' he'd ever eaten, spent some time in the ocean, capped it off with dinner with some fruity beverages :) and watched some women's beach volleyball. (Ty better look back on this post and realize what a cool mom he has...)

We sailed off on Monday and basically spent the day exploring the ship and splashing around a bit in the pool. I also believe this was the day we brought down the house with "Summer Nights" in the karaoke lounge. :) Ah, good times.

Tuesday we docked at the Grand Bahama Islands and hopped on another boat to go snorkeling. This had to be the highlight of the trip. I absolutely loved it, and it was a blast. To top it off, there was a rock wall on the boat and they did competitions to see who got to the top first. And not that I'm competitive or anything...but I smoked the Fat Kid. :P

Wednesday was Nassau, we did the whole Paradise Island thing. It was fun, but we didn't get to spend as much time on the beach as we should have because 1) it took us forever to figure out how to actually get to the beach (but thanks to some stranger... we pulled some Mission Impossible-ish moves and got into the restricted area for free) and 2) silly us, no one brought a watch.

And finally, our last day of the cruise was Great Stirrup Cay (NCL's island). It was nice, but gotta say...Disney's Castaway Cay island put this island to shame. Surprisingly, the beach area was small and it was just crowded. We did some snorkeling there as well...which again, was awesome. Now, as for the lack of photos, that would be due to the fact that a stranger now possesses my camera and all the pictures from our cruise. :( Yup, someone stole it the last night of the cruise. Leaving me with this lonely pic to share...enjoy! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

WV trip report....

The much needed climbing weekend getaway! It was so much fun, I forgot how much I missed my little weekend road trips...but I must say, it just wasn't the same without squeaky Jimmy. We headed out Saturday morning and climbed all day at Franklin.

We had dinner at a nearby restaurant which I've coined, the "Italian Surprise". Yea...they give you little treats inside your dinner. Mine was one of those twisty wire things for your bread...mmmm yum.

The next day we climbed at Seneca. I got a good practice session on leading in before the rain hit, so I was happy with that. All in all, good trip. Need to get back into climbing shape, but I got to finally use all my new gear! Now it looks somewhat used...yay. :)