Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Day 4: So, there is climbing in OC...

Too bad you just have to fight 30 other kids to practice some good dyno's. So, anyhow...I'll let you all just guess where Tyler and I went today. Hint, it has lots of sand... We did get to see some dolphins today which was pretty neat, usually they just swim by and you just see the fin for a second but they were actually a bit playful today and jumping out of the water. I want one. :-)

Day 3: And more beach...

So, I came here for the beach and relaxing and I must say...I'm accomplishing my goal quite well...

Day 2: Beach n' bar...

Good beach day. It was still a bit overcast but it worked for our advantage since it scared away most people. Went to see a band afterwards....band was good, the bar's strawberry daiquiry - superb. Oh, and I'm starting to get concerned that Tyler won't go home with me...that is, unless he can take his cousin (his new best buddy) with him.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day 1: Crabs are not a-biting...

OC Trip report, 1 of 7

Figured today would be a good day for crabbing with it being a bit overcast. And apparently, I was wrong... What it did turn out to be a good day for was sitting on the deck and relaxing. :-) We hit the boards afterwards, Thrasher's fries...check. If you're jealous now just wait till my weekday updates. hehe >:P

Monday, July 17, 2006

Things I learned this weekend...

Being stung by a wasp makes for a nasty sting, but they don't itch.

You learn how to place gear pretty quickly when you're above a ledge that has 'I want to break your ankle' written all over it.

Some people will believe that a 5.11 (hard!) climb is a 5.7 (fairly easy).

Oh, and at Indian weddings...they have the teenage girls perform a dance before the bride and groom's first dance (which was a tango...whether or not that's Indian tradition, I do not know).

Friday, July 07, 2006

Top Five...

...things that run through my head when singing at weddings:

5. if a tambourine is percussion, does that make me vocals/percussion?
4. I'm really not in a "Walking on Sunshine" mood
3. just stay in one spot and you won't trip over the slew of cords
2. we should learn more disco
1. 'I've got to get those shoes...and those...oh, and those...'

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Trip report...

Spent this past July 4th weekend at Seneca, WV...

Arrival: "ROOM #9". Why the quotes? Because once you've been in "ROOM #9", the mere utterance of the words will haunt you. Just to give you an idea...there was actually a sign in the room that said 'Please excuse the stains on the sheets...' You get the idea. My sincere thanks goes out to the family who reserved cabin #41 and never showed. All was well.

Day 1: Climbed a bit and slept. Lazy day, ain't nothing wrong with that... Oh, and had a gear placement 101 class...I know what I want for Christmas. :-D

Day 2: Climbed some fun new stuff (had a really really good time, I didn't necessarily get all my climbing ya ya's out but I'm still a newbie...learning is a good thing), ate, and um...drank a lil too much. :-/

Day 3: Thought about climbing...was kinda looking cloudy...I was "under the weather"...sooo, fishing it was. (Almost stepped on a black snake...still freaked out over that one. Yes, I'm a big wimp.)

Day 4: Thought about climbing...it started to rain. Fishing again! And no, we didn't catch anything (of significance, that is).

It was a really great time. I can't wait until the boys are old enough to come along (don't worry, Daphne...only for fishing). Will defintely be back soon...